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Saluting Our Veteran and Active-duty Students

For nearly 250 years, the United States has relied on honorable men and women to don the uniform and serve in our armed forces. The CSU College of Business is proud of our veteran and active-duty students and the 12 members of our staff and faculty who served. We thank you for your sacrifice and service this Veterans Day.

EPA Grant To Help Impact MBA Students Champion Green Business Innovations

In the hierarchy of environmental protection and pollution prevention strategies, the first step in mitigating harmful waste is simple: address the problem at the source by not creating it at all. Supported by a grant from the EPA, Five CSU College of Business Impact MBA students will be helping local businesses achieve that goal next summer.

How Leaders Can Improve Their Decision Making in Uncertain Times

In recently released research appearing in The Journal of Business Ethics, Rob Mitchell, associate professor of management at CSU’s College of Business, and his coauthors argue that leaders who fail to appropriately confront knowledge problems by engaging their stakeholders aren’t just closing themselves off from new ideas. They’re potentially being unethical and leaving their organizations worse off.

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