Supply Chain Management Forum Update

Otter Products hosted our fourth partner day at their high tech distribution center on September 6. Twenty-five people from OtterBox, AEI, Envirofit, Arrow, Woodward, and CSU spent a few hours learning more about Otter Products, what they do, and touring their distribution center in Firestone. It was a very successful event and we look forward to more hosted events!

Supply Chain Forum meeting The Supply Chain Management Forum meeting this fall was November 1 with a theme of resilience and risk management in the supply chain. John Macdonald, Supply Chain Management assistant professor, presented research on resilience built largely from forum company participation.

Bill Hurles (retired) from GM, Kurt James (retired) from McDonald’s, and Travis Maynard, management associate professor, participated in a panel on resilience and how to achieve it.

We also had an interactive keynote address from Joe Carson, chief strategy officer of Resilinc, who discussed building resilience in the supply chain, followed by a supply chain simulation that got everyone involved, especially when a hurricane hit their supply chain!

We then had a partner spotlight featuring Otter Products and their practicum team who highlighted statistics on the program, forum, and our partners.

Our spring forum on trade management will be Tuesday, April 3, 2018.