Rethink, Reinvent and Recover: Business Short Courses to Navigate COVID-19

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To help our community navigate an ever-evolving new normal in the face of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the College of Business is launching a suite of courses centered on managing change in a business world that has been fundamentally altered. Our new “Rethink, Reinvent and Recover: Preparing for the Challenges of an Uncertain Future” series will teach professionals and business leaders to confidently, creatively and compassionately lead their teams through this extraordinary time.

Supporting Our Community

As a service to the members of our community, many of whom are experiencing financial hardship, the College is offering these courses for free. For those who are able to make a contribution to support our students and educational programs, the College requests that donations be made to Rams Against Hunger, which supports Biz Rams and other CSU students experiencing food insecurity.

Teaching the Skills Professionals Need Now

Launching May 22, these three-hour interactive online courses address five major areas of concern professionals are facing now: taking care of themselves and their own fears, positively leading their workforce, acknowledging and dealing with grief and stress, changing their business model for increased sustainability and handling their financial health.

“Unprecedented situations call for unique skills from which to build a personal toolkit,” said Susan Schell, director of senior leadership and organizational development programs in the College of Business. “We all need to find pathways and hope in an environment of uncertainty. These courses are designed to help leaders navigate through the stages of impact that a crisis delivers and consider scenarios for the future.”

The online experience will be delivered through Mosaic, the College of Business’s enhanced video collaboration platform that combines speaker insights and presentations with interactive class discussions to optimize learning and create spaces where professionals can share challenges and ideas.

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Learning from Leading Experts

Schell tapped top executives from a variety of industries who have high-level, real-world experience in team leadership, productivity, change management and finance to lead the courses.

“These are nationally known speakers with years of executive coaching experience who will share their insights and expertise on key areas of concern,” Schell said. “It is critical to understand the need for major shifts in thinking, planning and acting, and participants will gain ideas for adapting to the new normal that will emerge from this global crisis.”

Although the series focuses on business leadership skills, Schell said people at all professional levels in any industry, from government to education to nonprofit organizations, will benefit from the courses.

“Everyone is welcome to join in this thought-provoking series on changes forced by a global crisis,” Schell said. “You’ll challenge your fears, habits and mindsets and emerge with ideas for recovery.”

Series Start

The series begins May 22 with “High-Performance Strategies for a Changing World” and continues every Friday through June 19. Courses are open to all, but seats on Mosaic are limited to 75 students per session. Participants who register after the 75 Mosaic seats are full will watch the lectures via a non-interactive livestream link. Registration is open until the day before each course begins. Courses are not sequential and can be taken independently.

All courses are free, but the College requests that participants who are able make a donation to Rams Against Hunger, which supports Biz Rams and other CSU students experiencing food insecurity. A donation of $32.50 provides nutritious meals from a CSU dining center to a student for one week; $130 feeds a student for a month. To learn more about the fund and to donate, please visit the Rams Against Hunger page.

For detailed course descriptions, instructor biographies and registration information, please visit each course’s event page.

High-Performance Strategies for a Changing World
• May 22 | 9 AM – 12 PM
• Instructor: Cameron Brown, executive coach for C-level executives and their teams

Leading a Distressed Workforce
• May 29 | 9 AM – 12 PM
• Instructor: Chris Hutchinson, CEO and abundance influencer at Trebuchet Group

Crisis and Change Leadership
• June 5 | 9 AM – 12 PM
• Instructor: Debra Benton, CEO of Benton Management Resources and executive coach and author

Understanding Financial Levers and Strategies
• June 19 | 9 AM – 12 PM
• Instructor: Chris Wozniak, COO of ViTL Solutions

Pivoting Your Business in a Crisis
• June 26 | 9 AM – 12 PM
• Instructor: Ed Goodman, CEO of Spiral Experiences Inc. and cofounder of The MindShare Network