Rams Take Care of Rams

Dean Walker at podium during scholarship luncheon

Dear Friends, Alumni and Donors of the College of Business,

We are in this together.

Our hearts and thoughts are with you and your loved ones as we pull together to navigate these uncertain times.  In the midst of this uncertainty, Colorado State University made the difficult decision to shift to online teaching and learning, and put the health and safety of our students, staff and faculty first. Though these are unprecedented times, there are silver linings in every challenge. I am witness to them every day. Our faculty have been extraordinary, quickly transitioning their courses to online formats, dedicated, as always, to providing an exceptional learning experience for our students.  Almost overnight, our staff adapted, providing advising and career service support remotely, surrounding our students with all of the guidance and counsel that they need to be successful.  Our students have rallied, adapted and adjusted to new ways of learning, living and engaging with our now remote campus community and found ways to support our community in this time of need.  We have approached this moment in time with kindness, patience, flexibility and grace.  In the end, we will not only get through this time in our history, but will emerge with stronger communities, and as better people and leaders.

One of the many “silver linings” is the outpouring of support that we have received from the alumni, friends and donors of the College of Business. Your investment in our students provides them with the support that they depend on in uncertain times. Your generosity allows them to continue pursuing their degree programs without interruption, regardless of their new circumstances. Our students are weathering this public-health crisis and continuing to learn, engage and thrive because of the immeasurable support you have provided our College. Thank you!

The world has changed significantly, and we expect many of these changes to persist for some time. Our commitment to serving students and our community, however, endures. To all of you in our College of Business Ram family, please take care.  Practice social distancing. Wash your hands. Stay connected to the College of Business Community.  While these are stressful times, this not the first time that we have had to adapt to unexpected challenges with compassion and care.  This is another among many challenges that we will get through, together.

Stay Well,
Beth Walker
Dean, CSU College of Business