Outstanding Grad: Emily Marty

Emily Marty
Emily Marty, BS Business Administration. Graduate of Berthoud High School, Berthoud, CO.

Building the bridge between business and technology

Emily Marty, BSBA
Computer Information Systems & Supply Chain

For Emily Marty, attending Colorado State University is a family affair. In addition to having two siblings graduate from the College of Business, both of Marty’s parents attended the University. Her dad studied agriculture and her mom studied accounting.

Coming from nearby Berthoud, Colorado, Marty chose to follow in her family’s footsteps, which let her enjoy being close to them while also carving out a path of her own.

Marty found her passion for technology in high school, working with computers and trying her hand at coding. Seeing an opportunity to translate her skills in tech more broadly, Marty decided to major in business and add a concentration in computer information systems (CIS) so she could learn how to serve as a bridge between the business and computer worlds.

“You don’t necessarily need to be a major coder,” Marty said. “I could connect the coders with the business people and understand what they need so I could streamline their processes.”

Marty excelled in the College of Business. Her thirst for knowledge caught her professors’ attention, and they soon recognized her as one of their top students.

Adela Chen

“Emily is a driven and dedicated young woman. She is genuinely intrigued by the endless potential of technology in solving today’s business challenge.”

– Adela Chen, assistant professor
Computer information systems

Blending concentrations

Marty eventually added supply chain management as a second concentration and accepted an internship with Advanced Energy, a global manufacturing company headquartered in Fort Collins, where she was able to put her skills to the test. Finding success at the company, she continued working there for nearly three years.

Driven by her passion for technology, Marty sought out experiences in a new field and took an internship with Canidium, a Fort Collins-based consulting firm, where she worked on their systems development team. Seeing all the uses for the technology she was working with every day, Marty began to draw connections to her hands-on experience in supply chain and saw opportunities for improvement.

“In terms of jobs, it’s exploding right now. We can’t fill all of the supply chain jobs that we have.”

– Zac Rogers, Assistant Professor
Supply Chain Management

In her coursework at the College of Business, Marty continued to build on her understanding of CIS and supply chain, connecting the dots between the two concentrations. Her career in the College culminated with job offer for a position blending the two disciplines: After graduation, Marty will begin a new role as a systems developer with the tech startup NextWorld, building custom software solutions to help companies manage their supply chains.

She gained insights into what her move to full-time work could look like when she attended an alumni night that connected Biz Rams from all different concentrations.

“We just got to talk to them and see how they got to be where they are now,” Marty said. “They gave us good advice on transitioning after college. It was really cool to network with them.”

Although Marty is graduating, she still sees opportunities to grow all around her.

“You’re going to have to do more work than what you’ve learned [in school]. It’s still a lot of learning.”

But she’s excited for it.

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