CSU College of Business Partners with Semester at Sea to Offer Tuition Benefit for Top-Ranked Graduate Programs

CSU Semester at Sea students pose for a photo from one of the ships upper decks

New partnership provides Semester at Sea alumni with a 10% tuition benefit for top-ranked Online MBA and other online business programs to expand access to education.

Semester at Sea has provided global comparative study abroad programs for more than 55 years to more than 73,000 participants, leading them on 100-plus-day voyages to expand their global perspectives. Voyages immerse students in multi-country studies, offer interdisciplinary coursework from 20 – 25 fields and allow for an experiential, comparative education that is truly global.

“Because of Semester at Sea, I have learned to believe in myself regardless of the challenges, and I now fully embrace differences and view them in a positive way. SAS was just the beginning of the voyage of a lifetime for me and how I will impact this world.”

– Maureen Ocholla, Spring 2017

A partnership built on shared purpose

In 2016, based on a shared mission of expanding access to education, Colorado State University became the academic partner for Semester at Sea. This set the foundation for many College of Business professors to join voyages to teach and support the program, which ultimately led to expanding the partnership with Semester at Sea even further based on shared purpose.

Both the CSU College of Business and Semester at Sea support enriching global perspectives, lifelong learning and teaching students to impact the world positively. The College’s purpose-driven community is continually seeking to leverage the power of business to make our world a better place, while Semester at Sea educates individuals with the global understanding necessary to address the challenges of our interdependent world.

“We are thrilled to expand our partnership with CSU by providing this tuition benefit to Semester at Sea alumni who enroll in CSU College of Business online programs.

Programs included in the partnership:

  • Online MBA
  • Online MBA, Marketing Data Analytics
  • Mosaic MBA
  • Online Applied Finance Certificate
  • Online Business Management Certificate
  • Online Marketing Management Certificate

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Our Semester at Sea alumni are committed to continually learning and positively impacting the world. CSU’s College of Business is committed to using business for a better world. This expanded partnership matches the passions of our alumni with the top quality and compelling mission of CSU’s business programs,” Scott Marshall, President and CEO of Semester at Sea, said.

For these reasons and many more, the College of Business and Semester at Sea are thrilled to partner and create new opportunities for Semester at Sea alumni to engage with graduate programs in the College of Business.

Whether Semester at Sea alumni are re-entering the workforce, changing their current career direction or looking to take on a leadership role, the options through this partnership with the College of Business can help them move forward with confidence.

The partnership benefit applies to the College’s Online MBA, Mosaic MBA, Online MBA Marketing Data Analytics specialization, and three online graduate certificates in applied finance, business management and marketing management.

Top ranked education from anywhere in the world

Online MBA ranks number 1 in Colorado, Top 10 in the nation, and top 25 worldwide

In 2021, the College of Business’s Online MBA program earned the No. 1 spot among Online MBA programs in Colorado, as well as ranking in the top 10 in the United States and top 25 in the world. The program’s notable accolades stem from its student-centric approach, flexibility and world-class faculty. Students in the Online MBA don’t just have flexibility, they also have the ability to truly connect with their peers, so they aren’t missing out on essential connections in the process of fitting continuing education into their already busy lives.

Students also have the option of choosing the learning format that works best for them—whether that’s on demand lectures with the Online MBA or live video in the evenings two nights per week through the Mosaic MBA. The flexible options continue with the ability for students to complete their degree in as little as 21 months or take up to five years depending on what their schedule and lifestyle allows.

Mosaic allows College of Business students who are in-person and remote to seamlessly connect with each other in the classroom using the cutting edge video collaboration system.

Each graduate student receives dedicated support through program advisors, class Instructional Coordinators and the College’s dedicated Career Management Center, which they will have access to throughout their time as a student and into their professional careers. Additionally, the same faculty who teach in-person graduate classes, teach and develop the curriculum for online programs. Student’s access to world-class faculty, and their research insights, isn’t limited by time or location.

All College of Business MBA students also have the opportunity to participate in an International Business Study Trip. For 7-10 days, students travel in a cohort and meet with business leaders to learn international business culture and become acclimated to new and different environments.

Semester at Sea alumni can also gain a new credential in 2-3 semesters with one of the College’s selected for-credit online graduate certificates. These certificates can be taken as standalone professional development or completed in addition to a graduate degree program like the Online MBA. Semester at Sea alumni can receive a 10% tuition benefit on the online applied finance, business management or marketing management certificates.

A way to give back

The College of Business will also allocate 10% of each Semester at Sea alumni’s tuition funds to build scholarships. Half of these funds will go to Semester at Sea so more students can embark on their own voyage of discovery, enabling individuals from different backgrounds to have this invaluable experience. The other half will go into a College of Business scholarship fund to help business students participate in study abroad opportunities, including future Semester at Sea voyages. All of which ensures that more students will be able to learn through global interaction and experiences just like Semester at Sea alumni.

“This partnership reflects our organization’s philosophies of lifelong learning, contributing to a greater good and providing students with global perspectives so they can positively address the challenges we face around the world,” associate dean of graduate programs, M. Travis Maynard said. “Semester at Sea alumni get the benefit of attending our graduate programs at a reduced rate, and they are simultaneously giving back so others can have global experiences. It’s truly a win-win.”

“Semester at Sea alumni get the benefit of attending our graduate programs at a reduced rate, and they are simultaneously giving back so others can have global experiences. It’s truly a win-win.”

– M. Travis Maynard
Associate Dean of Graduate Programs, CSU College of Business