First in the nation:
Blending online and on-campus learning with Mosaic

CSU’s College of Business is poised to reinvent the online student experience

For decades, CSU’s College of Business has been a leader in distance education, refining teaching techniques and gathering insights into how an impactful education can best be delivered to students outside of traditional on-campus classes

At a time when some may be just starting to figure out how to deliver their programs online, the College is poised to reinvent the online student experience with a classroom engineered to engage students, empower faculty, and expand our high-quality education beyond the confines of a traditional classroom.

Starting in Fall 2020, the College will be the first U.S. business school to offer MBA students three learning environments to earn their degree: taking classes on campus, on demand, or in real time online with Mosaic in one seamless classroom experience.

What is Mosaic?

At its core, Mosaic is an innovative system that lets online learners attend and participate in live lectures, becoming active classroom contributors from the comfort of their own homes and offices.

With Mosaic, online students can participate in classes in real time, asking questions of professors and engaging in group discussions with peers. It elevates the classroom experience and makes learning interactive for all students, both those in the classroom and those online.

Speak Up

Mosaic Raise Hand1

Raise your hand to ask questions in real time


Mosaic Live Polls (1)

Participate in live polls during lectures


Mosaic Chat (1)

Connect with peers using built-in chat


Mosaic Virtual Rooms (1)

Break into virtual rooms for group discussions

Interested in Mosaic’s full range of functionality and seeing how the technology benefits students? Learn more!

“We know that many online students want the same immersive, interactive learning as their on-campus peers, and Mosaic allows us to provide that experience,” said Sanjay Ramchander, senior associate dean for academic programs.

“Our existing lecture-capture delivery already provides an excellent online learning environment, and Mosaic takes that a step further by blending the best of both worlds for students who need the flexibility to learn remotely but can also commit to a two-year MBA cohort with real-time classroom participation,” said Ramchander. “By continually innovating in this space, we are giving our online students a business education that is second to none.”

Mosaic at the Castle Rock Collaboration Campus

Mosaic is also currently being used by students in Castle Rock, Colorado at the Sturm Collaboration Campus. This effort is part of the College’s efforts to expand access to its AACSB-accredited undergraduate accounting concentration through a two-year bachelor’s degree for students with their Associate of Arts in business.

Coming this fall: executive education with Mosaic

This fall, new executive education programming will be available on campus and through Mosaic to professionals, independent business owners, corporations, and nonprofits around the country. Two-day courses will be taught by highly accomplished instructors on topics ranging from design thinking and data privacy to sustainability and financial fundamentals. Ultimately, this new programming will provide learners with targeted, just-in-time skills to positively impact their organizations and advance their career interests.