CSU business professor named co-editor-in-chief of prestigious journal

Kelly D. Martin
Professor Kelly D. Martin has been named co-editor-in-chief of the Journal of Public Policy & Marketing.

Colorado State University Professor Kelly D. Martin, a leading expert in marketing data privacy and political marketing strategy, is taking the reins of the top journal dedicated to the intersection of public policy and marketing.

Martin, a professor of marketing and the Dean’s Distinguished Research Fellow in CSU’s College of Business, was named co-editor-in-chief of the Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, an academic and professional journal that examines the joint impact of marketing and governmental policies and actions on economic performance, consumer welfare and business decisions.

Martin, who officially starts in the new role on July 1, was named co-editor-in-chief with Florida State University Professor Maura L. Scott, who is the Madeline Duncan Rolland Professor of Business Administration.

In an introductory editorial, the two editors described their strategic vision for the journal as “Marketing and Public Policy Impact Through Rigor, Relevance and Inclusivity.” The two have already helped to curate a commentary series on COVID-19.

JPP&M is a journal with a mission that I feel passionately about,” Martin said, “because the research it publishes has always explored the intersection of marketing and society — policy-level questions that go beyond simply trying to improve the bottom line of a company.”

That mentality of looking beyond the bottom line to enhance consumer well-being and make the world a better place has been at the heart of Martin’s teaching and research since she arrived at the College of Business in 2007.

Marketing ethics

Before getting into academia, Martin worked as a marketing director in the assisted living industry.

“It was startling to see how people’s livelihoods during a period of great transition were sometimes reduced to a business model,” Martin said. “There were a lot of ethical issues that I saw, and it made me want to go back and study marketing and marketing ethics in particular.”

When Martin was getting her doctorate from Washington State University, marketing ethics was a niche area. Luckily, she said that she had an adviser who supported her focus, which has become more widely studied in recent years.

With the Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, Scott said Martin’s research from a marketing strategy lens coupled with her research focused on consumer behavior makes them an ideal team.

“Together, our perspectives help to provide expertise for a variety of different types of articles that JPP&M receives for consideration,” Scott said. “In addition, Kelly and I share similar values when it comes to our work style and work ethic, as well as our vision for the journal. When developing our strategic plan, we were well-aligned in our vision to increase the impact and stature of the journal by being inclusive.”

Martin added that she works well with Scott, both of whom have most recently served as associated editors on the journal. “The opportunity to work with Maura sealed the deal in my decision to accept the role,” Martin said.

Taking the research to the classroom

Inside the classroom, Martin teaches Quantitative Business Analysis in the Online MBA program and the Practicum Course in the Online MBA specialization in Marketing Data Analytics.

Martin said her research into data privacy has helped to create a module in the Practicum Course, which teaches them how to analyze and handle confidential business data.

“I was blown away by how thoughtful the student interactions were on that topic,” she said. “And how many students were working in a space for which the topic of data privacy resonated with them.”

As Martin starts her new role at the Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, she and Scott are launching a new series of research curations and are developing programming for young scholars to get more involved with the journal.

As for the extra responsibility of being co-editor-in-chief on top of her teaching and research, Martin explained that the synergies between each of them work very nicely together. “It has been rewarding to take on various responsibilities that align well with each other,” Martin said.