College of Business Offers New Two-Day Executive Education Courses

Executive Education at the College of Business

The College of Business is launching a suite of new executive education courses that will help professionals learn new skills, sharpen their business knowledge and enhance their careers.

Starting this fall, executives, team leaders and professionals at all levels can learn the latest thinking and tools on timely topics relevant to every industry in just two days.

‘Just in Time’ Learning

Hosted on the College’s innovative video collaboration technology, Mosaic, the new executive education courses are led by subject-matter experts and focus on practical knowledge, current insights and critical skills. The goal is to provide “just in time” learning – giving professionals the expertise they need to navigate a business landscape that’s being continually reshaped by new technologies, financial realities and social movements. For Sue Schell, director of senior leadership and organizational development programs, these courses are a crucial part of helping people create strong organizations and achieve their professional goals.

“We are excited that with these courses, people will gain new skills that may fill the gaps in their business knowledge,” she said. “We’re offering a full curriculum of business classes to address personal growth and development with relevant and up-to-date material with challenging content.”

And although the courses are termed “executive education,” Schell said they aren’t just for top-level business leaders – they are appropriate for professionals at most stages in their careers looking to increase their knowledge and expand their skills.

“We believe the courses will benefit executives, other organizational leaders, aspiring leaders, transitional people from the military or other careers and people who simply wish to update their skills and knowledge,” she said.

Timely Topics from Expert Instructors

Sue Schell, Director of Senior Leadership and Organizational Development Programs for the College of Business
Sue Schell

The courses cover an array of topics that business leaders need to know now: leadership skills, design thinking, managing disruptive technology, organizational communication, sustainability and many more.

“Participants can stay abreast of the most current information, and leaders will be challenged to identify areas for self-improvement and ways to enhance corporate performance,” Schell said.

All classes are offered “à la carte,” so professionals can register for the courses most relevant to their career goals. Instructors are all thought leaders in their fields and bring years of expertise to the classroom. Some courses are taught by College of Business faculty, and some are led by industry professionals with specific knowledge of current business practices and proven track records of success.

“All of our instructors are seasoned in teaching adult populations, and they were all selected based on a strong desire to teach in the program,” Schell said.

Before attending a course, participants will submit a personal business problem statement that instructors will address in the class. This approach gives each person an opportunity to discuss a challenging workplace issue and come away with solutions they can immediately put into practice.

Mosaic: A Superior Virtual Learning Experience

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this fall’s executive education courses will be offered exclusively on Mosaic, an enhanced video collaboration platform that enables remote learners view and participate in classes in real time. Schell had planned on offering courses both in person and on Mosaic, but public health guidelines around social distancing reduced classroom capacity and made it easier to deliver fall classes virtually.

“The Mosaic experience is the closest thing to being present in the classroom,” she said. “Mosaic saves people travel time, enables them to meet others and protects them from the pandemic environment while still allowing personal growth.”

Mosaic in action
Mosaic, the College’s enhance video collaboration platform, in use last year.

Mosaic may be virtual, but it mimics a classroom experience so well that participants will feel like they’re in the room with the instructor. The platform enables online learners to raise their hand and ask questions, participate in class discussions and network with their peers. In addition, instructors can break classes into small discussion groups, creating spaces where participants can engage in in-depth conversations and gain valuable insights from one another.

Mosaic is ideal for busy professionals who want to engage in executive education but might not have time to travel to Fort Collins for an on-campus class. Also ideal for busy working professionals: classes are offered on Fridays and Saturdays, making obtaining these valuable business skills extremely convenient. And because Mosaic allows students from around the country to participate in executive education, courses will offer a rich diversity of thought and perspective that benefits all participants.

Two Days, Countless Benefits

Schell said the new courses are unlike anything the College has done before – and not just because they’re being offered during a global pandemic that has upended education at all levels.

“This is the first time we will offer a full academic year of courses to address 15 different important business areas,” Schell said.

The courses will be offered annually, and classes will be added as new business needs emerge.

Although some people might hesitate to invest in education during an uncertain time, Schell said there’s no better time than now to update skills, enhance knowledge and expand networks.

“Individuals are being forced out of jobs or into new positions as a result of this global pandemic,” she said. “Upgrading skills will help people be more current and more versatile, to take on new spans of control and to create a new network of executive connections.”

To help offset the cost of these vital educational opportunities, discounts are available to active-duty military and veterans, CSU employees and organizations and corporate groups.

Start Your Executive Education Journey

Brush up on your skills and advance your career with the College’s two-day courses starting in September. View upcoming courses below and the full suite of courses here.