31 faculty members recognized for research contributions

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The College of Business recently recognized 31 faculty members as Dean’s Scholars, a distinguished recognition for “top-tier” research contributions.

To qualify, faculty must have had an article accepted in a journal on the College of Business target journal list during the 12-month period between Aug. 15, 2016, and Aug. 15, 2017. Funding of a major research grant or publications in a top-tier interdisciplinary journal (equivalent in stature to those on the target list) also qualified faculty for this recognition.

“The set of publications is impressive,” said Beth Walker, dean of the College of Business. “Thanks to all of you for contributing to a dynamic and supportive research culture and making these accomplishments possible.”

The annual Dean’s Scholars recognition was established in 2002 by the College of Business Research Committee.

Department of Accounting Dean’s Scholars

James Brushwood, Derek Johnston, and Lisa Kutcher
Brushwood, James, Derek Johnston, and Lisa Kutcher, “The Market Valuation of the Permanent Book-to-Tax Differences Generated by Stock-Based Compensation Awards,” Journal of the American Taxation Association, forthcoming.

Bill Rankin
Brink, Alisa., Jennifer C. Coats, and Frederick W. Rankin, “Deceptive Superiors and Budgetary Reporting,” Journal of Management Accounting Research, forthcoming.

Eric Rapley
Beyer, Brooke, Jimmy Downes, and Eric T. Rapley, “Internal Capital Market Inefficiencies, Shareholder Payout, and Abnormal Leverage,” Journal of Corporate Finance, forthcoming.

Jim Stekelberg
Drake, Katherine D., Stephen J. Lusch, and James Stekelberg, “Does Tax Risk Affect Investor Valuation of Tax Avoidance?” Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Finance, forthcoming.

Judd, J. Scott, Kari Joseph Olsen, and James Stekelberg, “How do Auditors Respond to CEO Narcissism? Evidence from External Audit Fees,” Accounting Horizons, forthcoming.

Department of Computer Information Systems Dean’s Scholars

Nick Roberts
Wright, Ryan T., Nicholas Roberts, and David Wilson, “The Role of Context in IT assimilation: A Multi-Method Study of a SaaS Platform in the US Nonprofit Sector,” European Journal of Information Systems, forthcoming.

Roberts, Nicholas and Michael Dinger, “Virtual Customer Environment Design and Organizational Innovation: An Exploration-Exploitation Perspective,” Journal of Organizational Computing and Electronic Commerce, forthcoming.

Cap Smith
Office of Naval Research ($633,000, co-PI), “Information Bias and Uncertainty in Decision Making.

Department of Finance and Real Estate Dean’s Scholars

Jennifer Coats
Brink, Alisa., Jennifer C. Coats, and Frederick W. Rankin, “Deceptive Superiors and Budgetary Reporting,” Journal of Management Accounting Research, forthcoming.

Hong Miao and Jimmy Lockwood
Li, Keming, Jimmy Lockwood, and Hong Miao (2017), “Risk-Shifting, Equity Risk, and the Distress Puzzle,” Journal of Corporate Finance, 44, 275-288.

Hong Miao, Sanjay Ramchander, and Tianyang Wang
Miao, Hong, Sanjay Ramchander, Tianyang Wang, and Jian Yang, “The Impact of Crude Oil Inventory Announcements on Prices: Evidence from Derivatives Markets,” Journal of Futures Markets, forthcoming.

Hilla Skiba
Beracha, Eli, William G. Hardin, and Hilla Maaria Skiba, “Real Estate Market Segmentation: Hotels as Exemplar,” The Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics, forthcoming.

Rob Schwebach and Kent Zumwalt (Professor Emeritus)
Gasbarro, Dominic, Kim-Song Le, Robert G. Schwebach, and Kent J. Zumwalt, “An Analysis of Syndicated Loan Announcements During the Global Financial Crisis,” Journal of Financial Research, forthcoming.

Harry Turtle
Pukthuanthong, Kuntara., Harry J. Turtle, Thomas J. Walker, and Jun Wang (2017) “Litigation Risk and Institutional Monitoring,” Journal of Corporate Finance, 45, 342-359.

Turtle, Harry J., and Kainan Wang (2017), “The Value in Fundamental Accounting Information,” Journal of Financial Research, 40, 113-140.

Department of Management Dean’s Scholars

Lumina Albert and Dawn DeTienne
Albert, Lumina S. and Dawn R. DeTienne (2017), “Founding Resources and Intentional Exit Sales Strategies,” Group & Organization Management, 41(6); 823-846.

Samantha Conroy and Michael Gross
Becker, William, Samantha Conroy, Emilija Djurdievic, and Michael Gross (2017), “Crying Is in the Eyes of the Beholder:  An Attribution Framework of Crying at Work,”  Emotion Review, forthcoming.

Samantha Conroy, Chris Henley, and Lynn Shore
Conroy, Samantha, Christine Henle, Lynn Shore, and Samantha Stelman (2017), “Where There is Light, There is Dark: A Review of the Detrimental Outcomes of High Organizational Identification,” Journal of Organizational Behavior, 38, 184-203.

Tom Dean and Lumina Albert
Josefy, Matthew, Thomas J. Dean, Lumina S. Albert, and Markus A. Fitza (2017), “The Role of Community in Crowdfunding Success: Cultural Attributes in Campaigns to ‘Save the Local Theater,’” Entrepreneurship, Theory, & Practice, 41(2), 161-182.

Susan Golicic
Miller, Jason, Susan Golicic and Brian Fugate, “Reconciling Alternative Theories for the Safety of Owner-Operators,” Journal of Business Logistics, forthcoming.

John Macdonald
Bode, Christoph and John R. Macdonald, “Stages of Supply Chain Disruption Response: Direct, Constraining, or Mediating Factors for Impact Mitigation?” Decision Sciences, forthcoming.

Department of Marketing Dean’s Scholars

Chris Berry
Berry, Christopher, Scot Burton, and Elizabeth Howlett, “It’s Only Natural: The Mediating Impact of Consumers’ Attribute Inferences on the Relationships Between Product Claims, Perceived Product Healthfulness, and Purchase Intentions,” Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, forthcoming.

Berry, Christopher, Scot Burton, and Elizabeth Howlett, “Are Cigarette Smokers’, E-Cigarette Users’, and Dual-Users’ Health Risk Beliefs and Responses to Advertising Influenced by Addiction Warnings and Product Type?,” Nicotine & Tobacco Research, forthcoming.

Kees, Jeremy, Christopher Berry, Scot Burton, and Kim Sheehan (2017), “An Analysis of Data Quality: Professional Panels, Student Subject Pools, and Amazon’s Mechanical Turk,” Journal of Advertising, 46 (1), 141–155.

Joe Cannon and Ken Manning
Gundlach, Gregory T., Kenneth C. Manning, and Joseph P. Cannon, “Resale Price Maintenance After Leegin: Behavioral, Evolutionary, and Institutional Insights for Advancing the Free Rider Thesis,” Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, forthcoming.

Kelly Martin
Gambetti, Rossella, T.C. Melewar, and Kelly D. Martin (2017), “Ethical Management of Intangible Assets in Contemporary Organizations,” Business Ethics Quarterly, 27 (July), 381-92.Martin, Kelly D. and Patrick E. Murphy (2017), “The Role of Data Privacy in Marketing,” Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 45 (Spring), 135-55.

Mari Romero
Romero, Marisabel and Adam W. Craig (2017), “Costly Curves: How Human-Like Shapes Can Increase Spending,” Journal of Consumer Research, 44(1), 80-98.